About Us

Led by CEO Oren Gershtein, IdealityRoads creates and transforms local innovation ecosystems using lessons learned from Israel’s high-tech miracle. We work with leading policy makers in government, industry, and academia to create new engines for economic growth.

IdealityRoads in Argentina

Hired to redesign the incubator of Grupo Sancor Seguros, Argentina’s largest insurance company, IdealityRoads transformed it into a knowledge and capabilities center unparalleled in Latin America. CITES has been recognized as the leading model for future tech ecosystem development initiatives across the country.

IdealityRoads in New Zealand

Since 2013, Oren and IdealityRoads have overseen key projects for New Zealand’s tech ecosystem, including designing the country’s National Technology Incubator Program, forging cooperation across the public and private sectors and academia. The program has widely exceeded expectations by launching dozens of innovative companies with global potential.

IdealityRoads in the Media

Oren’s work has been featured in media worldwide. He’s spoken at conferences worldwide, sharing his insights on the critical components of establishing a high-tech infrastructure. His expertise has led both governmental and private enterprise to success.

Israel's High-Tech Economic Miracle

From Oranges to a High-Tech Ecosystem

OECD Ranking

R&D Expenditures as a Percentage of GDP


Billion Dollars

Israeli High-tech Exits in 2015


Foreign R&D Centers

in Israel


Global Ranking

in IP Income as a Percentage of Higher Education R&D Expenses - 31.6%

Policy Design

Custom-designed Public-Private Partnerships and other optimized regulation

Technology Transfer

Getting the most out of academia’s disruptive innovations

Building Local Knowledge and Capabilities

Ensuring long-term sustainability and local growth

Developing Global Companies

Implementing Israel’s successful “Global from Day One” Strategy

Linking Industry and Academia

Pairing academia’s constant innovation with industry’s unparalleled execution

Attracting Private Sector Investment

Creating opportunity for private-sector-led growth

Creating a Startup Culture

Encouraging entrepreneurship to create a critical mass of creators and founders

Hands-on Management

Constant contact every step of the way