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Hands-on advisory and mentorship services for every player in the tech ecosystem: industry, government, academia and investors.
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20+ years in industry. 75+ companies managed and developed. Major tech ecosystem breakthroughs around the world.
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About Us

Led by CEO Oren Gershtein, the IdealityRoads team transforms local innovation ecosystems using lessons learnt from Israel’s high-tech miracle. The company works with leading players in government, industry and academia to create new engines for economic growth.

Developing Innovation Ecosystems

Applying in-depth knowledge and experience to establish country-specific innovation ecosystems that can serve as local economic growth engines.

Establishing Technology Incubators

Partnering with leading corporations around the world to develop technology incubators that spin out startups with a ‘go global from day one’ ethos.


Sourcing Corporate Innovation

Sourcing, screening and integrating cutting-edge Israeli technologies, to help transform corporations across multiple sectors into more competitive and profitable businesses.

Revitalizing Tech Transfer Offices

Building knowledge and policies within university TTOs to facilitate an efficient and profitable commercialization process that unlocks the real-world potential of academic research.


Israel's High-Tech Economic Miracle

From Orange Groves to a High-Tech Ecosystem

Global Ranking

Tech Startups per Capita

Billion Dollars

Israeli High-tech Exits in 2021

Innovation Centers
1 +

in Israel

OECD Ranking

R&D Expenditure as a Percentage of GDP


Areas of Expertise

Designing Innovation Policy

Facilitating Technology Transfer

Creating a Start-Up Culture

Linking Industry and Academia

Building Local Innovation Knowledge and Capabilities

Attracting Private Sector Investment

Building Startups with a ‘Go Global from Day One’ Ethos