Building Argentina’s first Technology incubator

IdealityRoads creates tailor-made programs that drive a local high-tech ecosystem, based on each client’s needs and circumstances. Whether working with the private or the public sector, the company examines the specific challenges faced within the relevant country’s high-tech ecosystem and customizes a plan that suits local economic, cultural, legal and regulatory factors. This attention to detail, along with specific insights gathered from Israel’s rise to becoming a leader in high tech, sets IdealityRoads’ apart.

These case studies illustrate how IdealityRoads’ hands-on approach drives tangible, transformative results.

Building Argentina’s first Technology incubator

CITES is the first private organization in Latin America to embrace the technology incubator model that has been widely acknowledged as best practice for developing local high-tech startups.

Grupo Sancor Seguros (GSS), the largest insurance company in Argentina, approached IdealityRoads looking for support in strategically stimulating the high-tech ecosystem it had established in its home province of Santa Fe.

GSS had launched CITES as a research services center for the local technology industry. However, despite significant investment by GSS, CITES had yet to reach its potential in contributing to Santa Fe’s technology ecosystem. After an extended search in the United States and around the world for a partner to shift CITES towards success, GSS chose IdealityRoads.

Strategy Shift

After visiting Argentina and speaking with government ministers, incubator managers, investors and entrepreneurs, IdealityRoads recommended a pivot in CITES’s strategy from a service provider model to that of an Israeli-style technology incubator. Recognizing Israel’s model of technology incubators as an essential step towards creating a diverse high-tech ecosystem, CITES and GSS agreed to the proposal.

Hands-on Mentoring

IdealityRoads oversaw CITES’s transformation, with a particular focus on implementing globally-recognized best practice in technology incubator management. Closely mentoring the incubator’s team, the company worked to build practical knowledge that would enable CITES’s staff to develop internal work processes, manage deal flow, structure early stage VC deals with universities and industry, and more. At the same time, IdealityRoads also engaged with other active players in Argentina’s technology ecosystem to create synergies and opportunities for partnership.

Successful transformation

With the transformation successfully completed, CITES has launched, funded and mentored a number of high-tech initiatives in the province of Santa Fe. This success generated awareness of CITES among Argentinian government officials, who themselves turned to IdealityRoads to replicate CITES’s success on a national level.
IdealityRoads has since advised Argentina’s national government on the principles of a 2017 initiative spreading CITES’s basic model and vision through three advanced public-private innovation programs. In November 2017, the company then went on to serve on the national selection committee for the initiative.

Portfolio Companies

Eolo Pharma

Eolo Pharma focuses on the prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases of chronic inflammatory origin. The team has developed so far more than 10 modified nutraceuticals to improve their anti-inflammatory properties, some of them already patented in the USA.


ImValv provides a novel solution to the treatment of Glaucoma. The company has developed the first active miniature valves to be implanted in the patient’s eye. These valves can control the intraocular fluid release thus reducing pressure, and can be opened and closed at will.


Nectras is the first ag-tech company to provide an integrated pest monitoring and control service. Through intelligent traps monitoring the presence of pests 24/7, the system keeps insect populations low by using drones to precisely spray infected areas.


RadBio is a biopharmaceutical company that has identified and patented a new biomarker for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) diagnosis and a potential treatment for RA, liver fibrosis and certain cancers.


ViewMind uses eye-tracking technology to identify the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease in it's pre-symptomatic stage, through a 10 minutes, non-invasive, standardized and automatized neurocognitive evaluation.


Phylumtech is a Lab-as-a-Service company that has developed an automated in-vivo drug screening platform for better discovery of new compounds. It is the first cloud-based company running high-throughput in-vivo screening.


Crinsurance aims to revolutionize the safety and reliability of the cryopreservation of biological samples. Its solution removes human error from the equation in the preservation of stem cells, semen and embryos.


Selectivity's goal is to democratize the access to infertility treatments worldwide. Based on microfluidics technology, the company has developed a device that allows quick and simple selection of spermatozoa with the highest fertilization potential. The solution is designed for use in a clinic or even at home.

ARDAN Pharma

ARDAN Pharma aims to revolutionize cancer treatment by developing therapies that boost the innate immune system and overcome tumor resistance. By unleashing inflammatory pathways, the company's compounds trigger strong anti-tumoral immunity in several in vivo models such as melanoma, lymphoma, colon, and lung cancer.


Bionirs is a startup focused on the development of diagnostic solutions technology using near infrared light (NIR). The first vertical is an optical mammograph (MamoRef) that increases the quality of breast cancer diagnosis and monitoring.


GBOT develops an autonomous terrestrial platform capable of circulating through the different plots and characterizing each culture, evaluating it both in terms of productivity and in aspects related to its morphology, phenology and response to stressful events.


Stradot offers a robotic solution that substantially increases the capacity of parking lots, of any type, including those with very fast dynamics at peak hours (companies, transport nodes, events).

Ergo Bioscience

Ergo Bioscience develops and produces proteins that define the organoleptic and nutritional properties of foods of animal origin using carrot cells. The biotechnological platform involves the cultivation of carrot cells in suspension in bioreactors. Proteins are used as ingredients in plant foods to achieve unique properties.


Clover is a startup that presents a new design of mechanical Cardiac Valve Prosthesis. The device consists of a unique anatomical design of three valves with a total central opening, which reduces costs, improves the quality of life of patients, without the need for anticoagulants, and does not present structural deterioration over time.



EpiLiquid aims to provide solutions for the screening, diagnosis and follow-up of cancer patients. For this, it develops a technology that combines "epigenetic biomarkers", first-level tools to process DNA and next-generation bioinformatics algorithms.

CITES' Vision


CITES Portfolio Companies