About IdealityRoads

Ecosystems are created, not born.

IdealityRoads was born of an understanding that the lessons and benefits of Israel’s unique innovation ecosystem, the elements that have driven Israel’s high-tech miracle, can be processed and turned into a repeatable model that can be customized and shared with governments and large enterprises around the world.

Innovating for Economic Growth

Working closely with governments, IdealityRoads leverages 20 years of experience within Israel’s high-tech ecosystem to develop comprehensive public-private innovation policies. With suitable initiatives and regulatory framework in place, decision makers are then able to develop a local knowledge economy, driving economic growth.

Facilitating Corporate Innovation

IdealityRoads is uniquely positioned to facilitate innovation initiatives in private organizations. One of the ways in which the company does this is by building from scratch early-stage venture capital funds in the form of technology incubators, and developing within them high-level start-up management skills that instill a mentality of ‘going global from day one’.

Gaining a Competitive Edge through Technology

IdealityRoads enables private sector clients to transform their businesses by realizing the full benefits of cutting-edge Israeli technology solutions in areas such as energy, agritech, fintech, healthcare, industrial technology and more. These solutions enable clients to develop new sources of revenue, increase profitability and streamline efficiency to increase local, regional, and even global competitiveness. IdealityRoads’ proprietary process has been carefully designed to address cultural, language and business barriers to corporate engagement with startups.

Commercializing Academic Research

While many universities have a Technology Transfer Office or Center that is responsible for driving the commercialization of academic research, few have managed to unlock the full, transformational value of effective technology transfer. IdealityRoads works to build knowledge, develop policies and provide tools that enable staff to turn the TTO into a powerhouse of opportunities, for the university, academics, investors and industry alike.

Proven track record

IdealityRoads’ methodology has been proven through projects around the world. The company bolstered New Zealand’s innovative ecosystem by establishing a National Technology Incubator program; designed and built CITES, Argentina’s first early-stage private venture capital fund capable of developing university IP into global startups; and is engaged in a number of active technology sourcing partnerships in Latin America and Western Europe.

Oren Gershtein

Oren specializes in creating innovation ecosystems and laying the groundwork for knowledge economies.

In the 15 years before he founded IdealityRoads, Oren developed over 75 startups, bringing them from their initial concept to running as fully-functioning businesses. He has served as CEO of one of the top technology incubators in Israel, Van Leer Ventures, and held leadership roles in Israeli Venture Capital. He is also an active board member and chairman in numerous early-stage ventures, across multiple industries.
As Founder and CEO of IdealityRoads, Oren has set the company’s philosophy of building knowledge and management capabilities across academia, government and industry, creating public-private partnerships (PPPs) that foster economic growth. Since founding the company in 2013, he has designed and implemented New Zealand’s National Technology Incubator program, which has already produced dozens of high-tech startups that would not otherwise have been created. He was also responsible for transforming Grupo Sancor Seguros’ CITES initiative in Argentina into the region’s first Israeli-style technology incubator. Following this success, Oren advised and sat on the selection jury for Argentina’s first national public-private innovation initiative.

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