Establishing Technology Incubators

Where Strategic Corporate Innovation Begins

IdealityRoads partners with leading corporations around the world to develop corporate technology incubators, where risk-taking is encouraged with a view to commercializing disruptive innovation. By developing startups built on an ethos of ‘go global from day one’, such incubators enable corporations to keep ahead of the curve, while diversifying their offerings and holdings.

Corporate technology incubators are early-stage venture capital vehicles that enable strategic investment in disruptive innovation – whether by commercializing ideas from within the organization or by investing in existing startups.
Applying over a decade of experience, IdealityRoads tailors each incubator to fit the specific goals of the corporation and the nature of its surrounding innovation ecosystem. Partnering closely  with clients, the company focuses on every aspect of the fund, from its structure to staffing, building an organization that is laser-focused on the company’s innovation strategy.
To ensure the success of the incubator, IdealityRoads’ involvement continues beyond the initial set-up phase. The company leverages its extensive experience to introduce best global practices in venture capital investment, including:
Finally, IdealityRoads also works hand-in-hand with the staff of both the incubator and the startups in the incubator portfolio, to introduce high-level management skills. This approach is rooted in the ethos of ‘going global from day one’, in which startups are encouraged to address global problems, reach global markets, and adopt global standards of governance from the moment they are established.