Sourcing Corporate Innovation

Nurturing Technology to Create a Competitive Edge

Across multiple sectors, from finance to agriculture, energy to retail, healthcare to manufacturing, corporations are challenged to remain competitive in the global economy. By sourcing, screening and integrating cutting-edge Israeli technologies, IdealityRoads helps transform corporations, regardless of sector, into more efficient and profitable businesses.

Israel, the ‘Start-up Nation’, leads the world in tech startups per capita, R&D intensity and patents per capita. Countless corporate delegations visit from around the world to experience Israeli innovation. However, identifying, validating, and engaging with the right Israeli startups remains a challenge for most corporations. Over 530 multinational corporations have established a physical presence in Israel for just this purpose. Our technology sourcing service enables access to the full benefits of Israeli innovation, within a capital-efficient and flexible framework.
Taking a holistic, long-term view, IdealityRoads aims to fundamentally transform a business by implementing the most suitable, most advanced technology solutions. With a deep understanding of clients’ goals, assets, challenges and operating environment, the company introduces them to an array of promising cutting-edge solutions, that will enable them to establish new sources of revenue, increase profitability and streamline efficiency.
Applying lessons learnt from decades of work in Israel and abroad, IdealityRoads has developed a proprietary process that bridges potential cultural, language and business barriers to corporate engagement with Israeli startups. The company brings the combined experience of hundreds of investment, distribution and licensing deals to lead a tailored negotiation process to secure the best terms and protect the client’s interests. Lastly, because IdealityRoads takes a long-term approach to client relationships, the company’s team remains dedicated and available to provide ongoing support as needed.