Forging a Path from Academic Research
to Global Markets

IdealityRoads creates tailor-made programs that drive a local high-tech ecosystem, based on each client’s needs and circumstances. Whether working with the private or the public sector, the company examines the specific challenges faced within the relevant country’s high-tech ecosystem and customizes a plan that suits local economic, cultural, legal and regulatory factors. This attention to detail, along with specific insights gathered from Israel’s rise to becoming a leader in high tech, sets IdealityRoads’ apart.

These case studies illustrate how IdealityRoads’ hands-on approach drives tangible, transformative results.

Forging a Path from Academic Research to Global Markets

Advising Greece’s first Proof of Concept (PoC) Program identifying, funding, and supporting opportunities for technology transfer and commercialization.

About the Patras Science Park PoC Program

Patras Science Park - one of ten CERN-recognized Business Incubation Centres (BICs) – launched its Proof of Concept (PoC) Program in November 2018 to enable the transfer of cutting-edge Greek research from the lab into the global marketplace. With support of up to €50,000 each for up to 10 projects per year, the Patras PoC Program empowers young scientists looking to convert research-based technologies into a commercial product. By forging a pathway for Greece’s most innovative research to be developed into globally-viable commercial innovation, the Patras PoC Program represents a key step forward for the country’s knowledge economy.

Creating Success Stories in Greek Research Commercialization

IdealityRoads has served on the Advisory Board of the PoC since its founding. IdealityRoads has been closely involved in developing the program’s strategy, with a focus on addressing the needs of globally-oriented, science-based startups in their very earliest stages of development. This ongoing advisory, as well IdealityRoads’ membership on the PoC’s project selection committee, has helped Patras Science Park realize its vision to foster success stories in Greek research commercialization.

Apply to the Patras Science Park PoC Program

Applications to the PoC are accepted year-round and reviewed every six months. For more information, or to apply for the next round of PoC funding: