Developing Innovation Ecosystems

Economic Growth Through Innovation

Working with governments around the world, IdealityRoads applies its in-depth knowledge of the underlying philosophy, approach and processes that need to be put in place to establish country-specific innovation ecosystems where all kinds of innovation can thrive.
These ecosystems are applicable to all sectors, from energy to agriculture, fintech to healthcare, and everything in between.

Israel’s remarkable economic transformation over the past 30 years serves as an example of how a thriving high-tech industry can act as an economic engine, strengthening and driving growth. Building on decades of experience working within this ecosystem, IdealityRoads has successfully adapted the policies and processes behind Israel’s growth to create successful public-private innovation initiatives worldwide.
By putting in place sophisticated policy tools, such as public-private innovation partnerships, and mentoring key personnel to ensure proper implementation, IdealityRoads is able to support governments in establishing innovation initiatives that drive investment and increase economic dynamism.
In addition to close work with the government, IdealityRoads engages on its behalf with the broader ecosystem, creating links between industry, private entrepreneurs, academia and others, to maximize policy impact.

Facilitating Innovation Initiatives

These are the steps IdealityRoads takes in supporting the establishment of an Innovation Ecosystem.

Analysis and Policy Design

Reviewing available resources and partners across sectors

Developing an overarching innovation strategy

Mapping a concrete initiative, including budgets, advocacy and awareness-building

Establishing Management Framework

Determining the government body responsible for oversight

Mentoring staff in best practices for public sector management of public-private innovation initiatives

Developing operational program guidelines

Program Implementation

Drafting tender documents, including EOIs, RFPs, etc.

Implementing IdealityRoads’ Dynamic National Tender Methodology in the RFP process, to increase the quality of tender applications

Training, mentoring and ongoing support

Ongoing Management

Raising awareness of the initiative within the ecosystem

Engaging with and training private sector partners/franchisees on behalf of the government

Developing and tracking KPIs to monitor progress

Reviewing the effectiveness of the initiative, in order to continually adapt and improve the process and outcome